Master of Science (Kinesiology and Recreation)
Field of Research

The Master of Science (Kinesiology and Recreation) or Master of Arts (Kinesiology and Recreation) provides advanced education and research training within sub-disciplines including kinesiology, physical education, health, human performance, recreation, leisure, and tourism studies.

Note: The degree designation (M.Sc. or M.A.) will be determined by the Admissions Committee, in consultation with the Advisor, and will consider the course work and research to be undertaken (i.e. who the student is studying with and the proposed area of study).


In addition to the Admission requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, students require:

The completion of a four-year Kinesiology (BKIN)/Physical Education (BPE) or Recreation Management and Community Development (BRMCD) degree, or equivalent,


Completion of a four-year undergraduate degree other than a BKIN/BPE or BRMCD, or equivalent, with a suitable academic background in the area of study,


Completion of a Pre-Masters program at the University of Manitoba, or equivalent.

Research Facilities

Resources and supports for M.Sc. related research are jointly provided by the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management and the Health, Leisure and Human Performance Research Institute.