M.A. Program Requirements
1. Complete a minimum of 12 credit hours of course work approved by the faculty advisor. Of these 12 credit hours: A minimum of nine credit hours must be at or above the 7000 level; a minimum of six credit hours must be selected from the 7000 level course offerings in Kinesiology and Recreation Management with PERS 7000 Research in Kinesiology and Recreation Studies being compulsory; and

2. Enter the program with, or complete as part of the approved program of study, a minimum of six credit hours in research methods and/or statistics. The required course, PERS 7000 Research in Kinesiology and Recreation Studies, may be accepted for credit towards this requirement.

3. Within their program of study, students may complete a maximum of two PERS 7080 Directed Studies (different topics) for a total of six credit hours; however, only three credit hours will count towards the minimum 12 credit hour course work requirement.

Note: The Advisor/Graduate Program Chair will weigh a number of factors (e.g., nature of course[s] previously taken, grade[s] earned, date[s] of completion, current needs in relation to the student’s thesis research) in evaluating a student’s background in methods and/or statistics upon entering the program and will determine the course work needed to fulfill this requirement.

In addition to course work requirements, a student must engage in research and scholarship leading to the completion of a thesis, and attend a minimum of eight research seminars sponsored by the Health, Leisure and Human Performance Research Institute within the first two years of their program. NOTE: Seminar attendance is a supplementary regulation.