The Sport Biomechanics Laboratory at the University of Manitoba continues to service the needs of Manitoba athletes for technique analysis and technical coaching assistance. The Canadian Sport Center assists in the support of this laboratory in their analysis work with elite Manitoba athletes.

A typical project in athlete analysis will consist of an initial meeting with the coaches to discuss their skill analysis needs, arrangement of a filming session and a trip to the playing field to film the athletes. This filming is followed by a detailed biomechanical analysis of each of the athletes by the graduate students using the Dartfish system. When the analysis is complete there is a meeting with the coaches and athletes for an individual skill analysis session for each athlete, and preparation of a CD for each athlete and the coaches that contains all their pertinent film with comments on suggested improvements for each skill filmed. This analysis and comparison will be performed with the use of film clips of highly skilled athletes in the sport of interest; and the local athletes will be compared to these skilled athletes.

Using these techniques under the guidance of Dr. Marion Alexander, the lab has analysed over 200 Manitoba athletes in the past year. The lab is also preparing coaching materials in sport biomechanics for the Coaching Association of Canada, to be used in the theory revisions for training of high performance coaches.