Academic Handbook
We are pleased to provide you with the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management academic handbook.

This Handbook is a selection of information, policies and procedures that we consider helpful in your day to day work in the faculty. The list is not complete so we have supplemented it with links to useful web pages. The handbook highlights policies that affect not only academic activities but those of our students as well.


1.       FKRM Strategic Plan 2015-2020

2.       FKRM Bylaws for Standing Committees

a.       FKRM Faculty Council
b.       FKRM Standing Committees

3.       Employment Matters

a.       Workload Assignment & Teaching Guidelines
b.       Guidelines for Supporting Evident for Promotion and Tenure
c.       Criteria and Procedures: Tenure and Continuing
d.       Criteria and Procedures: Promotion
e.       Specific Criteria for Promotion of Coaches within the Instructor Rank
f.       ROASS
g.       UMFA Collective Agreement