Christine Michel


Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Ph.D. Laval University
M.Sc. Laval University

Research Interests

Dr. Michel studies the role of sea ice and how it influences primary production and carbon cycling in the Arctic. She investigates processes controlling sea ice algal production and pathways of transfer to pelagic and benthic food webs. A focal point of her research is to address impacts of climate-related change on Arctic sea ice-associated production and biogeochemical cycles.


Impacts of Climate Change on Arctic Marine Ecosystems (International Governance Strategy)
Sea Ice Microbial Cycling (NSERC Discovery Grant)
BIOTA (Biological Impacts of Trends in the Arctic)

Policy/Science Outreach:
International Arctic Science Committee: ART (Arctic in Rapid Transition) Network,  Founding Member and Scientific Advisory Board

Arctic Council    :
SWIPA (Snow, Water, Ice Permafrost in the Arctic); Co-Lead author
ABA (Arctic Biodiversity Assessment);  Lead Author
Gordon Research Conference on Polar Marine Science, Conference Chair  2013: Linking Polar Observations, Processes and Models at Regional and Global Scales


Freshwater Institute
501 University Crescent
Winnipeg, MB
R3T 2N6

(204) 984-8726 (phone)
(204) 984-2403 (fax)