Graduate Programs

Graduate work in Canadian Studies may be pursued at a number of universities in Canada. These programmes are distinguished by their emphasis in interdisciplinary approaches and specific thematic courses in Canadian Studies:

Université de Saint-Boniface: maitresse en etudes canadiennes (online program)
University of Alberta: maitrise en etudes canadiennes
Carleton University: MA and PhD programmes
Trent University: MA and PhD programmes
University of Ottawa: PhD programme

In addition there are Canadian area regional programmes at the following schools:

University of Regina: MA and PhD in Canadian Plains Studies
Universite du Quebec a Trois Rivieres: Maitrise et doctorat en etudes quebecoises
St. Mary’s University: MA and PhD in Atlantic Canada Studies

For further information on the these programmes,  including admission requirements, student support and degree requirements, please go to their individual websites.


Trent U

Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario