University of Manitoba Student Exchanges With Trent University

Exchange between University of Manitoba and Trent University (Peterborough, Ontario)

The University of Manitoba and Trent University recently concluded an undergraduate student exchange agreement. Students of high academic quality will be selected to participate in this exchange program in which they will be able to study at the other institution while paying the fees of the home university.

You don't have to be a Canadian Studies major to participate!

The study program of each student will be developed in consultation with the home institution and drawn up by the student and an advisor of Canadian Studies students from the host university. For instance, students will be required to take a minimum of two full Canadian Studies courses in a year of academic study.

Canadian Studies at Trent University

Canadian Studies at Trent University is an interdisciplinary study of Canada/Quebec relations, Aboriginal peoples, regionalism, multiculturalism, immigration, and peace keeping, among others. Canadian Studies courses at Trent also include representation of Canada in film, art and literature. For more information on Canadian Studies at Trent, contact the Registrar and Chair of Canadian Studies at Trent University:
or visit

For more information on student exchanges:

Ms Rhonda Friesen, Study Abroad and Exchange Co-ordinator
World Wise Resource Centre
541 University Centre
(204) 474-6736

Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario