Textbook Buyback

Textbook Buy Back

Save $$ with used textbooks!

Buying used textbooks from the Book Store helps you save money twice! You save 25% when you buy used textbooks, and you can get up to 50% of the price of new books back when you resell them to us! What could be better?!

  • Used books are 25% cheaper than new textbooks!
  • Used textbooks are GST-free!
  • We buy reconfirmed textbooks for up to 50% of new book prices!
  • We pay cash up front for your used books!

Our wholesale partners (Follett or MBS) will offer you up to 30% of the current retail price. Please note that if we are buying the textbook back for resale in our store, we will offer you up to 50% of the current retail price. Only wholesaler pricing is displayed - see us in store to confirm our buyback price. Note that this is a real time system and that price and demand are subject to change without notice.

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Used book buy back Q. & A.

1. When is the best time to sell used books to the Book Store?

The best time is from early August through the first week of September. Why? As soon as textbooks are reconfirmed by professors we compile our "buy back list." Most books are ordered by early August. We buy back again for second term from mid November through the first week of classes in January.

2. Where do I sell my books?

During rush weeks, right outside the Book Store. Other times at the Customer Service Desk inside the store.

3. How much will I get?

Option A: The Book Store pays cash for reconfirmed books at 50% of new book prices. You can check the list throughout the summer to see if your books are reconfirmed.

Option B: You can choose to sell your books for 10 to 30% of new book prices to used-book wholesalers. We buy on their behalf year round at the Customer Service Desk. Wholesalers offer market prices for titles that have not been reconfirmed.

4. Can my books be in any condition?

They have to be in good condition. They can be highlighted and underlined.

5. If I buy used books, can I sell them back again?

Yes! As long as they are current editions and have been reconfirmed for the following term.

6. What is the advantage of selling to the Book Store?

We pay cash up front. Archives operates on a consignment basis, which means that you have to wait until your book is sold to get your money back.