Cell Biology
The Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology is an interdisciplinary group primarily interested in molecular oncology, immunology / hematology and biochemical pharmacology. The group consists of  scientists with research programs in the following areas:
  1. Oncogenes and suppressor genes and tumour metastasis
  2. Molecular virology
  3. Molecular mechanisms of drug resistance
  4. Biochemical pharmacology of anti-cancer drugs
  5. Protein phosphorylation in membrane signal transduction
  6. Tumor immunology

The Unit is housed in Cancer Care Manitoba adjacent to the Faculty of Medicine. The resident senior scientists (five of whom have appointments in the Department of Physiology) represent several University departments and constitute a unique milieu in which expertise from different research disciplines can interact. The unit members are active participants in the teaching programs of their departments. Research opportunities exist for postdoctoral and graduate students under the joint auspices of the Cell Biology Unit and participating University departments.