Subspecialty Program Information - Hepatology

The Section of Hepatology at the University of Manitoba became Canada's first independent (from GI) Hepatology Section on January 1, 2002. The Section consists of Hepatologists, clinical and research nurses, a Clinical Assistant, Post-doctoral Fellows, Epidemiologists, Immunologists and other basic science researchers. The Hepatology Section is quite active in clinical care, pre and post-transplantation care, clinical trials, basic science research and investigator initiated studies.


Hepatology Consult Service
The Hepatology consult service provides consultative advice regarding any in-patient with suspected or established liver disease. The consult service consists of a Hepatologist staff member, and at times, a GI or Hepatology Fellow, Internal Medicine Resident and/or Medical Student. As in-patients are by definition more ill than out-patients, your first priority will be to assess any new inpatient consultation to Hepatology. After you have assessed the new consult, you should set up a time with the Hepatology staff member in order to review and learn from this case.

Outpatient Clinics
In order to experience outpatient medicine, you will participate in approximately 4 outpatient clinics per week.  The Section of Hepatology has three types of outpatient clinics: General Hepatology clinics, Viral Hepatitis Investigative Unit Clinics, as well as Liver Transplant Clinics. These clinics are located in the Health Sciences Centre. 

Medical students and residents are expected to take one weekend of call during their rotation.

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General Hepatology
Liver Transplant
Viral Hepatitis


Dr. Stephen G. Wong, Director
Hepatology Subspecialty Training Program
Room 842B - 715 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg MB  R3E 3P4
Phone: (204) 787-2290
Fax: (204) 787-4528