First Nations, Metis and Inuit Health Research Symposium

Syposium Program (Abstracts)   

Symposium Presentations
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Day One - February 28, 2013 Concurrent Presentations
Symposium Opening
Keynote:  'We Were Children'  Personal reflections on the residential school experience
L. Hart
Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Mycobacterim tuberculosis-induced innate immune responses in a Canadian Dene First Nations cohort:  What does this mean in the context of First Nations health?
L. Larcombe, P. Orr, E. Turner-Brannen, C. Slivinki, P. Nickerson, N. Mookerjee
Traditional approaches to infant feeding and oral health in Norway House Cree Nation:  Preliminary Findings
J. Cidro
An interdsiciplinary approach to investigating solvent use and HIV in Winnipeg, MB
C. Bell
From Research to Outreach:  Collaboration brings key smoking cessation messages to key consumers
B. McCannell
Facilitating family health promotion with a First Nations community using focusd ethnography
D. Martin, R. Woodgate. C. Hart
Preparing community for emerging leaders
K. Spice
Charting a new course:  Collaborative environmental mapping by Isga and Cree First Nations
K. Peterson
Diffusion of personal health information services:  Self-determining and empowering practices for Manitoba Inuit
W. Clark
Access to eye care and the social context of vision for Aboriginal adult literacy learners
M. Auger
Indigenous health research within the Section of First Nations, Metis and Inuit Health
A. Woods, M. Anderson DeCoteau


Day Two - March 1, 2013

Keynote:  Developing respectful research-community partnerships with the Metis
S. Michelle Driedger

Walking with Indgenous philosophy:  Justice and addictions recovery
J. Hansen, J. Chalton

Immune reactivity to palmitate fatty acid in pediatric Type 2 diabetes
J. Rempel, J. Packisamy, H. Dean, A. Janke, J. McGavock, E. Sellers

Using participatory video for tobacco prevention with Aboriginal youth
C. Jardine, S. Genius

Northern Cree SCIDS
M. Schroeder

First Nations community based screening to improve kidney health and prevent dialysis
P, Komenda, C. Chartrand