Amanda Woods, BSc, MSc
Amanda Woods has been with MFN CAHR since May of 2012. Born and raised in Thunder Bay Ontario, Amanda moved to Winnipeg in 2000 to start University and make Winnipeg her home.  A graduate of the master’s program of the Department of Community Health Sciences in 2009, she has worked as a qualitative researcher in the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Nursing.  Amanda was funded though both ACADRE and NEAHR throughout her master’s degree. Her interests include Indigenous ways of understanding and knowing, Indigenous research methodologies, traditional teachings, ceremonies, and medicine, and living life by following the seven scared teachings. Amanda has a passion for listening to and finding ways to share the voices and the stories of others. She hopes to help others understand the deeper meaning behind people’s experiences. She feels that with more understanding and acceptance of the different ways that people experience life, more positive change can occur in order to improve health outcomes for Indigenous people. Amanda loves staying physically fit and healthy through exercise and healthy eating and loves being a mom.