Shadowing contact info
We encourage students in the pre-clerkship years to take the opportunity to engage in shadow experiences. These are important to demonstrate a snapshot of life in a particular specialty, to help develop a sense of whether that specialty might be a good fit and a chance to ask questions.
Shadows are usually for a half day. Given the pre-clerkship schedule, they can occur without missing any mandatory academic sessions.
Do not be afraid to reach out to your network. We encourage students to talk with instructors/preceptors after academic sessions to request a shadow.
UGME Student Affairs is available to assist in planning and prioritizing shadow experiences that might be the best fit for you. You can contact to request an appointment.

The following is a list of shadowing contacts for core specialties at HSC. These departments have a centralized way to organize shadowing happening within.

Departments in HSC Contact  
Pediatrics Shedlimor Sevillo
Internal Medicine Tammy Posillipo
Obstretics/Gynecology Joanna McDonald
Emergency  Joanna Crowther
Anesthesia Ingrid Heinrichs
Psychiatry Karen Simpson
Surgery Laura-Lee Bouchard
Family Medicine Jana Mudra