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Student Loans, Bursaries and Awards

Canada/Provincial Student Financial Assistance

Student Loans Documents requiring the Educational Institution's (University of Manitoba) completion may be brought to 260 Brodie Centre – 727 McDermot Avenue for:

  • confirmation of enrolment
  • official's signature
  • correction of expired date (stale dated)

Note: Awards UGME no longer signs Government Student loans documents, but, UGME and MPAS Learners may drop off forms at the front desk reception in 260 Brodie Centre - 727 McDermot Avenue to be forwarded to Financial Aid & Awards. As a courtesy, we will forward documents to the Financial Aid & Awards representative on Bannatyne campus, each Wednesday, for processing. We will return any documents that require further action, to your student mail box.

Students who find themselves in a Student Loan collection situation should inquire about the Canada Student Loan Rehabilitation program or Repayment Assistance
Students are encouraged to use the Loan Repayment Estimator to help develop a reasonable budget during their MD degree program, which will make repayment easier during residency.

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

Post-secondary education is a major expense, whether you choose to study at a university, a college or learn a specialized trade. Coming up with the money to pay for school can be a big challenge for both students and parents saving for their children's future.  For more information on what your options are, check out Paying for post-secondary education.


There are a number of bursary opportunities available to our students, each having set criteria and processing requirements.

There are two main Bursary opportunities available for qualifying MD students offered annually:

  • University of Manitoba General Bursary Application*(MPAS & MD students)
  • Max Rady College of Medicine Bursary program (MD students only)

The University of Manitoba General Bursary application and the Faculty of Medicine Bursary applications are accessible through an online process ONLY. Please follow the  *Instructions on accessing the online Bursary applications through your Aurora Student account - Apply for Fall - Winter Bursaries, available as of the month of August annually.

Fall - Winter Bursary Application Deadline: OCTOBER 1 annually

(1) Documentation (Proof of Government Aid) is required by the October 1 bursary application deadline.
Apply for your Government Student Loan early (June/July/mid- August) to be sure your documentation is available by the bursary deadline! IMPORTANT!  OUT-OF-PROVINCE STUDENTS!  Once you have received your Government Notice of Assessment, immediately forward a copy to the Financial Aid & Awards Office, 422 University Centre, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2.

(2) MD Students should complete the General and Supplementary applications to be considered for both General University of Manitoba Bursary funding and Max Rady College of Medicine funding.
Review eligibility requirements and apply for any other Special Bursary opportunities you are eligible for consideration through the Aurora web portal.

Additional Special Bursary and Scholarship opportunities (paper format):

  • University of Manitoba - Special Bursaries and Scholarships (Undergrad/Graduate/Aboriginal students)
           - A complete list of all University of Manitoba bursary opportunities through the main campus Financial Aid & Awards office
  • External
           - Awards UGME currently posts on our Facebook page notices of external bursary opportunities, as we become aware of them. 
           - To receive regular updates on internal and external award opportunities "Like" us on Facebook
  • Aboriginal students may also be able to access bursary funding through the following organizations:

    Elective Travel Bursaries

    Med II and III students have an opportunity to apply for additional elective travel support in June the year they will enter into Med III and IV in the fall. The support request may be for specific or generalized funding to supplement elective travel expenses during the upcoming academic session. The number of bursaries granted is limited to the amount of funding available and the number of applications received. If there is a surplus of applications, priority for funding will be given to students who have previously demonstrated financial need through their University Bursary application.

    Elective Travel Application Fund Request          DEADLINE: August 30 annually

    Northern Remote Elective/Summer Early Exposure Bursary

    The Sigga Christianson Houston Travel Award is a bursary award open to UGME students who: (1) show demonstrated financial need on their University Bursary application; (2) are either (a) registered through the Summer Early Exposure program or (b) are completing Clinical Electives; and (3) complete their eligible Clinical experience in remote Northern Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Nunavut locations such as Churchill MB, Norway House MB or Rankin Inlet NU, under the supervision of a Family Medicine or Pediatrics Physician.

    Sigga Christianson Houston Travel Award application  DEADLINE: August 30 annually

    Questions?  Email

    Conference Travel Awards & Bursaries

    Undergraduate Medical Education students planning to present a paper or poster at a National or International conference may be eligible to receive funding towards this experience once during their four years of medical school training. Conference Travel  support is allocated on a first come first serve basis, as long as financial resources remain available, with a February 20 cut off each academic year to allow processing prior to the March 31 fiscal year end. Priority is given to those who have demonstrated financial need. Travel receipts, copy of paper or poster abstract and proof of Conference acceptance are required from Presenter applicants, prior to funding being released.

    NOTE: Each application year begins April 1 and ends on March 31 of the following year. Applications received on/before the February 20 deadline for conferences that occur within this timeframe will be considered for funding within that timeframe.
    1.  If you apply for Conference Travel funding on or before February 20th to travel and present at a Conference that will take place before April 1st, you would be eligible to receive your funding within the current University fiscal year.

    2.  If you apply after February 20th and your Conference is scheduled to take place before April 1st, your application will be marked LATE and you would still be eligible to receive your funding within the current University fiscal year.

    3.  If you apply after February 20th and your Conference is scheduled to take place after April 1st, your application would then fall forward into the next/new University fiscal year and be scheduled for processing later in the year.

    Conference Travel Award application - PRESENTERS ONLY
    DEADLINE: February 20 annually

    Questions? Email      

    Emergency Loan/Bursary Support

    There are potentially three sources of emergency support to students in sudden, unforeseen financial crisis: (1) Main campus offers an Emergency Loan  program;  (2) candidates eligible for the Emergency Loan may receive an emergency bursary award, in addition to the loan, at the discretion of the Awards office (no application required); (3) while the Max Rady College of Medicine offers modest bursary support as a secondary source.

    Students are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid & Awards Office at (204) 474-9531 for additional information on accessing emergency funds, should the need arise. All requests strictly confidential.

    Revised May 20, 2016



    University of Manitoba - Canadian Aboriginal Self-Declaration form

    Aboriginal Students - additional financial resources

    MSRFAP/AMSFAP Return of Service Grants Presentation 2016 Conditional Grants - return of service 

    DEADLINE: August 15, 2016
    Funds are limited. Apply early!

    All UGME and PGME Learners interested in the Medical Student/Resident Financial Assistance Program (MSRFAP) should to go  to complete the online application, available as of June 2016.

    Aboriginal UGME Learners interested in the Aboriginal Medical Student Financial Assistance Program (AMSFAP) may pick up an application from the Program Coordinator, Awards UGME at 260 Brodie Centre - 727 McDermot Avenue or by printing one off from

              (1) Aboriginal UGME Learners have the option to apply and be eligible to receive funds from both programs - MSRFAP and AMSFAP.
              (2) Aboriginal UGME Learners must apply for an AMSFAP conditional grant in their first year of medical school in order to be eligible for the AMSFAP in any or all of the subsequent years in UGME.
              (3) AMSFAP application deadline is now September 15, 2016.

    NEW!!  HSC Medical Staff Executive and Rady Faculty of Health Sciences Travel Award

    The Rady Faculty of Health Sciences and the HSC Medical Executive Council are very pleased to announce a new, joint travel award for undergraduate medical students, nurse practitioner students, and masters of physician assistant students registered with the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba to present their research at scientific meetings.



    Application Deadline date: January 31, 2017

    For information contact



    Revised September 21, 2016