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Funding opportunities

CAME Wooster Family Grant In Medical Education

Max Bell Foundation of Canada Education Research Grants

Medical Council of Canada Awards and Fellowships

Medical Council of Canada Research Grants

National Board of Medical Examiners Stemmler Fund

Physician Services Inc. Medical Education & Development at Post MD Level Grants

Royal College Medical Education Grants

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Medical Education Research Grant 

Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education Grant

Society of Directors of Research in Medical Education Scholarship 



Health professions education journals

General health professions

  • Advances in Health Sciences Education
  • Health Professions Education
  • Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions
  • Education for Health
  • Evaluation and the Health Professions


  • Academic Medicine
  • Medical Teacher
  • BMC Medical Education
  • Journal of the International Association of Medical Science Educators
  • Medical Education
  • Teaching and Learning in Medicine
  • Education for Primary Care
  • Medical Education Online
  • Journal of Graduate Medical Education
  • Postgraduate Medical Journal Online


  • Journal of Dentistry, Oral Medicine, and Dental Education
  • Journal of Education and Ethics in Dentistry


  • Pharmacy Education: An International Journal for Pharmaceutical Education
  • International Journal of Pharmacy Education
  • Pharmacy: Journal of Pharmacy, Education, and Practice


  • Nursing Education Perspectives
  • The Journal of Nursing Education
  • The International Journal of Nursing Education
  • International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship

Rehabilitations Sciences

  • Journal of Physical Therapy Education

Further Education in the Health Professions [link to Further Education in the Health Professions section in the Resources page of the Teaching Hub]

Additional resources

Please see the teaching resources page for links to further education opportunities.