Quality Improvement Curriculum for Clerkship

Quality improvement and practice improvement are the cornerstones of providing high quality and safe health care.  The purpose of this curriculum is to provide medical students with an opportunity to plan a quality/practice improvement project that will be relevant both for the patients whom they serve and also to their future clinical practice.

On this webpage you will find some key readings for quality and practice improvement chosen to aid you in completing your project.  You will also find an outline of the project expectations and project examples



Quality Improvement Basics

Road Map for QI: A Guide for Doctors

How to Improve

The Basics of Quality Improvement



Quality Improvement Concepts

Root Cause Analysis

Plan, Do, Study, Act

The Need for Change: Institute Of Medicine's Crossing the Quality Chasm

 Measuring Outcomes


Quality Improvement Resources

Institute for Health Care Improvement Resources

Institute for Health Care Improvement Open School

International Perspectives on Quality Improvement




Curriculum Resources

Introduction To Clerkship Quality Improvement presentation

Course Outline Continuous Quality Improvement



Faculty Development Resources for Clinical Faculty

Department of Medical Education

Division of Continuing Professional Development

Centre for Healthcare Innovation

UGME Clerkship Curriculum