CSHRF 2021 will once again take place virtually!  

Please review this page carefully as much of the information for participants has been updated to reflect the new format.




Graduate students in health sciences (defined as broadly as the CIHR mandate) are selected for participation on the nominations received from graduate student administrators at Canadian universities (on the Nomination Form, see below).

Please contact your Faculty Administrator for Graduate Studies to register your interest in being nominated for this event. Nominations should be received at our office by the nomination deadline and we will invite nominees to submit their abstracts and other information by the abstract deadline. If you have any queries about this process, please e-mail us at srforum@umanitoba.ca

Manitoba Students are selected to participate in the national presentation only through their winning in the Manitoba Competition.

National Nomination Form


Steps to Register:
1. Ensure your nominator has completed and submitted the Nomination form
2. Download the
Abstract Submission Form and IST Photography Release form.
3. Cut and paste your abstract into the abstract submission form.
4. Complete the registration form
and upload the completed abstract submission form & IST Photography Release form.
5. Check your emails and our website frequently for updates including speaker information, specific event registration and judging schedules.

**Please note: We welcome posters from across the breadth of the CIHR mandate**

Please see the following section for further information regarding preferred oral (poster) presentation formatting.

As the forum is taking place virtually this year, there have been a few modifications to our normal programming please review this page carefully for the description of these changes.

The oral (poster) competition will take place virtually using Blue Jeans. Please note, recorded presentations will be limited to 10 minutes. Although most participants will likely prefer to record their own presentations and submit their video files (Blue Jeans- detailed instructions will be provided) by the May 25th deadline, some presenters may prefer technical assistance from our IST personnel. As such, there will be two submission deadlines this year: for participants requiring IST assistance, a scheduled appointment will be arranged prior to May 10, 2021 (to allow IST time to properly edit and format the video), participants who wish to submit their own pre-recorded presentation will need to do so by May 25th.

This will allow our judging committee to review the presentations prior to the assigned judging time. Judging Q&A sessions will be assigned for June 15th in 10 minute time blocks via Blue Jeans. Participants should ensure prior to registration that they will be available on June 15th for their scheduled meeting with the judges.  



 Judging Schedule (Click to download)  
Master Abstract Document (Click to download)

National Participant Agenda (Click to download)

Each participant will submit a pre-recorded presentation (up to 10 minutes) of their 'poster'. Our IST Department has agreed to provide assistance to participants who would prefer to have assistance with their recording. Please indicate your preference for this at the time of registration. Once registration has closed, IST will contact participants who have expressed an interest in assistance in recording via email to schedule a recording appointment. Presentations requiring IST support will be recorded prior to May 10th. Participants who feel comfortable recording their own presentation for submission are welcome to do so, the submission deadline for these videos is May 25th. Given that there is a period of time between video submission and the judging session, participants will be provided with the URL link (once assigned) to their presentation for review prior to their judging time. 

The format of this presentation is ultimately up to each presenter but we request that presentations designed with PowerPoint (or slides of any kind) be limited to no more than 10 slides. Recorded presentations cannot exceed 10 minutes in duration. Submitted presentations that exceed 10 minutes will be judged on the first 10 minutes recorded only.

Please keep in mind, the judges are most likely not experts in your specific area of research. The topics covered in this competition are very broad and logistically it would be near impossible to provide close expertise. However, the judges have been selected based on their success as scientists in their respective fields and their broader knowledge of science. As with any presentation, the audience must be taken into account and the information delivered accordingly.

Click HERE to view examples of oral abstract presentation that students presented at this year's Annual Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS Research.

The judges will have reviewed each video presentation prior to their meeting (via Blue Jeans) with the presenter. Presenters should expect a discussion of approximately 10 minutes with the judges on June 15th at a pre-scheduled time (Judging Schedule to be posted on the website).  

Clarity of presentation (Background, Hypothesis/Research Question(s), Methods (e.g. study design & analysis technique), Results, Conclusion)
Visual appearance of your presentation
Defense of results


Please click the above banner to view the list of last year's winners 

Please click HERE to for winners from past years  






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