Congratulations to Forough Khadem (University of Manitoba), Kevin Wang (University of Toronto), Krystel Vincent (Universite de Montréal), Rushita Bagchi (University of Manitoba), and Simon Gebremeskel (Dalhousie University), winners of our Lindau nomination awards in 2014-2017 CSHRF events. We are happy to announce that all were accepted for participation in the 68th Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting with summer, with 39 Nobel Laureates and 600 students from over 80 countries. Our nominees were chosen from participants at CSHRF on the basis of their poster presentations.

This year's meeting took place from June 24 - 29, 2018, consisting of multiple agora talks, lectures, master classes, panel discussions, laureate lunches, social events, science walks, poster sessions, and more; all dedicated to Physiology and Medicine.

Please see each participant's comments regarding their experiences.

Forough Khadem

Forough Khadem, University of Manitoba

 We are deeply saddened by the news that Forough was aboard Ukrainian International Airlines flight PS752 that crashed near Tehran on January 7, 2020.

We extend condolences to all whose lives she touched and share in their loss.

Forough Khadem was interviewed for the "Women in Research" blog (Twitter & Facebook), featuring young female scientists participating in this year's Lindau Meeting. When asked 'what advice do you have for other women interested in science?', she replied: "[...] believe that nothing is impossible! Be yourself and never live the life or choose the career that others want you to live or choose! This is how you can become unique, forward looking and discover novel findings." Her complete interview can be found HERE.

During her final interview, Forough Khadem stated: "Attending the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting was a once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable, astonishing adventure that started for me with the incredible moment of winning the Lindau award at the Canadian Student Health Research Forum and being nominated to attend the Lindau Meeting." Her entire interview can be accessed HERE.

Kevin Wang

Kevin Wang (University of Manitoba) and Dr. Michael W. Young, Nobel Laureate

The University of Toronto interviewed Kevin Wang regarding his experiences at the Lindau Meeting. When asked what the best part of his experience at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting was he replied: "I thoroughly enjoyed learning about other disciplines relevant to medicine. It was fascinating to learn about the work that led to cryo-electron microscopy and characterization of G-protein coupled receptors, a discovery that led to most of the drugs we prescribe today. Perhaps the coolest moment was learning about how the structure and function of ribosomes was uncovered by Ada Yonath and colleagues, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2009. Her work today focuses on leveraging structural information to design new antibiotics to target the bacterial ribosome. I remember first learning about ribosomes as the engine of life in middle school - to hear the person who discovered it talk about the decades of research that led to that discovery was truly inspiring!" You can access the complete interview HERE.

Krystel Vincent

 Krystel Vincent recalled her time at the Lindau meetings as "an incredible week [...], where I had the opportunity to listen to and interact with Nobel Laureates. Some of the lectures were more data oriented, others were more philosophical, where challenges that will be faced by young scientists in the upcoming years were discussed. I had the opportunity to meet with so many wonderful and inspiring young scientists. And most importantly, I was touched by my personal encounters with Nobel Laureates who went out of their way to connect with young scientists and to transfer their advice, knowledge and above all, their passion. It truly was a unique experience that will forever be engraved in my heart." 

Rushita Bagchi

Rushita Bagchi was interviewed for the "Women in Research" blog (Twitter & Facebook), featuring young female scientists participating in this year's Lindau meeting. When asked 'what advice do you have for other women interested in science?' she replied: "Patience and perseverance is what will propel women in the sciences. One needs to find mentors who support women in science - it does get very lonely out there. It is important to create your own network which comprises colleagues, peers, and role models who are committed to helping one succeed even in the face of obstacles. Nothing is impossible to attain once you set your mind to it." The entire interview can be accessed HERE.

Rushita Bagchi provided an interview regarding her overall experiences and impression of the 68th Lindau meeting, during which she stated: "It was an extraordinary and unforgettable week, and it was truly inspiring in all aspects. The meeting provided the perfect platform to share the experience and knowledge of the greatest leaders in science with the next generation of scientists to encourage us to work hard for the benefit of mankind." Her entire interview can be accessed HERE.

 Simon Gebremeskel

Dalhousie University interviewed Simon Gebremeskel shortly after winning the Linau Award at the Canadian Student Health Research Forum (CSHRF). That interview can be accessed HERE.

He recalled his time at this year's Lindau meeting fondly and described it as "truly life-changing. It was exciting and inspiring to see the young and seasoned scientists have open dialogues about many diverse tropics in science. It was also humbling to hear about the great challenges that some of the scientists endured as their work was not always readily accepted by the scientific community. It just showed that sometimes when you believe in your ideas, you just have to remain steadfast and do your best. Another important point I learned is that most of the Nobel Laureas never thought that their work would ever result in big awards, they simply followed their passion and worked on unsolved problems. In fact, on of the most memorable advice given to students was to follow our passion, instead of trying to work on the most exciting work out there or chasing after awards. This is what I hope to do with my career; Just follow my passion and work on important problems."

For more information on this unique opportunity please click HERE.




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