What is a Physician Assistant?
Physician Assistants or PAs are accelerated medically educated clinicians who practice within a formalized relationship with physicians.  The PA practice of medicine includes diagnoses, obtaining medical histories, performing physical exams, ordering and interpreting diagnostic studies, providing therapeutic procedures, prescribing medications, and educating and counselling patients.  Although educated and qualified as medical generalists, PAs receive additional education and experience on the job and may work in a wide variety of practice settings.

PAs are Associate Regulated Members of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba requiring an approved Practice Description and Contract of Supervision before being allowed to practice medicine.  The Contract of Supervision identifies the Primary and any alternative physician who are allowed to supervise the PA.  The PAs Scope-of-Practice mirrors that of their physicians with permission to perform restricted acts, provide prescription or write medical orders established by regulations and provincial law.  https://capa-acam.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/PA-FACT-SHEET-2016_Nov_FINAL-2.pdf