Optional Practicum

IHP Practicum | HMEC 4090 - This course is no longer offered. A replacement course is under development.

This course provides an opportunity to:
  • Gain experience in a practical setting under the guidance of the placement supervisor and the course instructor.
  • Integrate theory, knowledge and skills
  • Develop a sense of identity as a professional
  • Develop linkages with professional in the field.

How to apply? (For information only)

  • A practicum application form (all materials should be typed); and
  • a resume
  • two reference letters.

Acceptance: Enrolment in this course is limited.

Criteria for acceptance are:

  • Completion of HEAL 2600 and HEAL 3600
  • Completion of 84 credit hours in the Interdisciplinary Health Program
  • Positive recommendations from two references
  • Positive evaluation of statements in application form
  • Competitive GPA
  • International Students must obtain work permit.

IMPORTANT: All Placements are to be arranged by Instructor. DO NOT CONTACT ANY PLACEMENTS DIRECTLY.

Examples of Placements

  • Public Health Agency of Canada [HIV/AIDS Epidemiology]
  • Manitoba Health [Community Health Assessment; Continuing Care]
  • Manitoba Centre for Health Policy [Health Services Research; Assisting with the development of a research concept dictionary]
  • Manitoba Healthy Living [Evaluation of the School Veggie Fundraiser Pilot Project]
  • Winnipeg Regional Health Authority [Chronic Disease Management & Health Promotion]
  • CancerCare Manitoba [Patients’ cancer screening satisfaction survey]

IHP Program

  • Two separate, four year, 120 credit hour degrees:
    • Bachelor of Health Sciences - B.H.Sc.
    • Bachelor of Health Studies - B.H.St.
  • Offered by the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences in partnership with the Faculties of Arts and Science
  • Administered by the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Students admitted to the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences

Main Goal: To create a broad, comprehensive understanding among people working in health-related settings of the factors that affect health, the needs of clients and the delivery of health services.

Determinants of Health:

  • Income & Social Status
  • Social Support Networks
  • Education
  • Employment & working conditions
  • Physical environments
  • Biology & genetic endowment
  • Personal health practices & coping skills
    Healthy child development
  • Health Services

Adopting the population health framework and collaborative approach as the basis for development of future health policies and strategies by governments has great potential to improve the health of Canadians...(Strategies for Population Health Investing in the Health of Canadians, 1994)

Opportunity to learn…

  • New approaches to assessment, planning, administration and delivery of health services.
  • To deal with health issues and promote health at individual, community and global levels.