Graduate Studies Appeals Committee

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The following shall be members of the Appeals Committee:

  1. twenty (20) faculty members, including one member from Université de Saint-Boniface; and
  2. ten (10) graduate students selected by the Graduate Students’ Association.

The members shall be nominated from the Faculty of Graduate Studies by the Executive Committee and elected by Faculty Council. Additional nominations shall be sought from Faculties and from the floor during a regular meeting of Faculty Council.

Term of Members

The terms of members of the Appeals Committee shall be as follows:

  1. faculty members shall have a three (3) year term commencing July 1 of the year of selection; the membership of faculty members shall be staggered such that one-third of the committee (i.e., 6-7 members) shall be replaced/reappointed each year;
  2. graduate student members shall have a one (1) year term commencing July 1 of the year of selection; graduate student(s) shall be eligible for reappointment; and
  3. a member who is hearing an appeal that extends past June 30th shall continue on that hearing panel until the disposition of the appeal is achieved.


  1. A Hearing Panel shall be struck by the Faculty of Graduate Studies each time an appeal is brought forward;
  2. a chair shall be appointed by the dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (the dean’s designate) for each Hearing Panel; and
  3. the Programs Coordinator of the Faculty of Graduate Studies shall be the secretary (non-voting) for all Hearing Panels and for the Appeals Committee.

Hearing Panels

A hearing panel shall be struck for each appeal from the appeals committee as follows:

  1. four (4) faculty members;
  2. two (2) graduate student members; and
  3. one (1) faculty member appointed by the dean (i.e., the dean’s designate) who shall chair the hearing panel.

The Chair may vote only in the case of a tie. The Chair of a Hearing Panel shall report in writing the disposition of appeals to the dean of Graduate Studies who in turn shall report that action to the Faculty Council of Graduate Studies for information, in such a manner as to preserve confidentiality.

No voting member of a hearing panel shall be from the same unit as the appellant. The dean and associate deans shall not normally participate as members of Hearing Panels. If more than one member of hearing panel is not present at the commencement of a hearing or cannot continue during a hearing, the hearing panel must adjourn.

Members of the first Hearing Panel struck each year shall initially be chosen at random from the members of the Appeals Committee and, thereafter, in an alternating fashion to constitute the members of a Hearing Panel.

Powers and Duties

Subject to the powers and duties of Faculty Council, the Appeals Committee shall:

  1. constitute a hearing panel for each academic or disciplinary appeal; and
  2. call meetings of the Appeals Committee at any time to discuss procedural and policy matters.