Deferred and Missed Exams

Under certain conditions a student may apply for a deferred examination. If you miss a final examination for medical or compassionate reasons, you may be granted a deferred examination. Travel plans are not an acceptable reason to miss examinations. Deferring an examination is a privilege and may not always be granted.

The University of Manitoba has made changes to the Final Examination and Final Grades Policy and to Deferred and Supplemental Examination Procedures

To apply for a deferred examination, you must report to the advising office of your home faculty*, in person, within 48 hours of the date of the missed examination, and provide supporting documentation (such as a medical certificate). The dates of your illness or affliction must correspond to the dates of the examination. If your request is approved, you will, in most cases, be offered the opportunity to write another examination within 30 working days from the end of the examination series from which the examination was deferred.

*Students in Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources programs report to the Dean's office, room 440 in the Wallace Building. Students completing the B.A. Geography (General) program via distance and on-line education should contact the Dean's office at (204)-474-7252 or email

For more information, also see the Deferred and Missed Exams section of the Registrar’s Office website.

Please note:

  • Travel is not considered grounds for deferral;
  • Deferrals are not normally granted before an exam or in advance of the exam period;
  • The Riddell Faculty will review your request for final exams only*;
  • After receiving approval for a deferred exam, students must check with the appropriate department(s) immediately to determine when the exam will be re-scheduled;
  • Deferred exams will be written within 30 days of the end of the original exam period. If, due to illness or other circumstances, you are not able to write the exam within 30 days, the exam will be written at the department's discretion, possibly at the end of the next academic term;
  • Any documentation is subject to confirmation. Falsification or fabrication of documentation will result in academic suspension for disciplinary reasons. Other penalties may also apply.

*Requests to defer mid-term tests written during the lecture period are at the discretion of the professor and/or department. The Riddell Faculty Dean’s office makes decisions regarding deferral requests for final exams only. These requests are typically granted on documented medical or compassionate grounds. We do not hear requests for deferrals for missed term tests or mid-term exams.
If you have discussed your situation with the Instructor of the course and feel that you are not being treated fairly, you can contact the Head of the Department that offers the course to seek assistance. The decision made at the Department level regarding your request for a mid-term deferral will be final.

Documentation Requirements:

  • Official documentation must specifically state why an exam was missed - general statements about "school" or "work" are not acceptable;
  • Acceptable official documentation includes medical certificates, police reports, letters from doctors/counsellors, obituary notices or death certificates; Click here for documentation guide;
  • Dates indicated on all documentation must be inclusive of the date(s) of the missed exam.

Application for Deferred Examination(s):