Laboratory Safety Links

Lab Safety Program (updated September 23, 2020)

Laboratory Safety Checklist for New Lab Personnel 

General Laboratory Safety Inspection Checklist 

Basic Lab Safety

Basic Lab Safety-Radiation Safety

For working in close proximity with radioisotopes please see:

BioWaste Disposal Guideline (waste chart for posting)

Biohazardous Waste Label.doc (Avery 5168)

Biohazardous Waste Label.pdf (Avery 5168)

Chemical Safety (EHS web page)

Decommissioning: Room Decommissioning, Equipment Decommissioning & Lab Hazard Clearance (EHS website)

     Whole Room Decommissioning Form (pdf)
     Whole Room Decommissioning Form (fillable pdf)

     Lab Hazard Clearance Form (pdf)
     Lab Hazard Clearance Form (fillable pdf)
     Decommissioning of Laboratory Equipment Form (pdf)
     Decommissioning of Laboratory Equipment Form (fillable pdf)
     Link to Capital Asset Management

     Biosafety Permit Declaration of Decommissioning (pdf)

     Radioisotope Permit Decommissioning form (pdf)

EHS Assistant Database 

EHS Newsletters and Bulletins (EHS webpage)

Ethanol Log Sheet - Excise Act (sample log sheet in WORD)

Eyewash and Safety Showers (EHS InfoSafety Bulletin)

Fire Safety  (EHS index web page with links to policy, fire wardens, fire plan, fire drills)

First Aid Kit - List of contents (MB WSH regulation 217/2006)

Flammable Storage Refrigerators/Freezers (EHS note on explosion-proof vs lab safe fridges)

Fume Hood Repair and Servicing SOP (UofManitoba SOP)

Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) Injury (EHS procedure PDF)

Immunization Standard  (EHS website)

Immunization Standard  (University Governance website)

Laboratory Spill Kits

Laboratory Safety Training Standard  (University Governace website)

Laser safety (EHS webpage)

        Laser Pointer Pamphlet  (EHS pamphlet)

        Laser Pamphlet  (EHS Pamphlet)

Liquid Nitrogen Container Warning (Avery label 5168 template in WORD)

Minors in Laboratories and Other Hazardous Work Areas (University Governance site) and Consent Form (pdf)

MSDS resource Links

No Food or Drink Labels (Avery label 5168 template in WORD or labels are available from EHS)

Ovens under Fume Hoods (Hazard Alert pdf)

Oxygen Deficient Alarms Registration (EHS web page)

Post Exposure Protocol for Bannatyne & Fort Garry Campus (pdf)

Radiation Safety(EHS index with links to specific resources such as application, manual, waste schedule, training)

Radiation Safety Manual

Radioactive Materials Safety Pamphlet for Non-Permitted Workers (pdf) 

Room/Lab Signage (EHS website) 

Seminars and Workshops (EHS website)

Standard for Laboratory Safety Training (University Governance site)

Spill Generic Procedure (EHS pdf)

Tag-out for Non-Functional Survey/Contamination Meters (Tag and instructions on where to get repairs and tag-out)

WHIP- Workplace Hazard Information Placard (EHS web site)

WHMIS Program (new EHS web page)

WHMIS Coordinators Role  (EHS pdf)

WHMIS Workplace Label (Word doc)

Working Alone or In Isolation Information (EHS website)

X-ray Safety (EHS web page)

       X-ray Equipment pamphlet  (EHS Pamphlet)

Vacuum Flask Correct Setup (gif)

EHS Hazardous Waste Links:

Fort Garry Radioactive Waste Disposal Calendar 2018 

EHS Hazardous Waste (index with links to specific resources such as specific wastes, forms, tags, schedule, recycling, substitution)

EHS Hazardous Waste Forms (includes NEW Hazardous Waste Labels and waste disposal calendar at the Bannatyne Campus)

Waste Disposal Chart for Laboratories 

Waste Chart for Radioisotope Laboratories  

Biological Waste Disposal Guidelines 

Note:  Special permission is required before starting procedures that combine radioactive and biohazardous materials.  Please consult the Radiation Safety staff for guidance.