Purchasing Services Staff Directory


Purchasing Services                                                                                 


Monique Whitehill, Manager, CIM, SCMP 204-474-9120
Gennaro Pellegrino, Assistant Manager, BA, CIM, SCMP, CPSM, APMC

Purchasing Category Teams for Supplies and Services

Information Technology Category  
Lindsay Bruce, Sr. Purchasing Consultant/Cat. Lead, BA, CIM, SCMP 204-474-8720
Angelica Kovacevic, Purchasing Consultant, CSCMP, Dip. Bus Admin 204-474-9875
Vacant, Purchasing Consultant 204-474-6701

Construction and Renovation Category
Zele Kasse, Sr. Purchasing Consultant/Cat. Lead, BA, IDS & CRS, PSM 204-474-7052
Olusegun Daodu, Purchasing Consultant, B.Sc.(Hons.) 204-474-8732
Andrew Cramer, Purchasing Consultant, Dip.SCM, B.A. (Hons.) Please email
Research and Sciences Category
Medical, Dental, Scientific
P001 Pathology Building, Bannatyne Campus
Vacant, Sr. Purchasing Consultant/Cat. Lead 204-789-5298
Mari-Ann Weber, Purchasing Consultant, SCMP, B.H.Ecol.  204-789-3514
Drew Murray, Purchasing Consultant, SCMP, B.A., Adv.Dip. Intl Business 204-789-3347
Barrie Zimmerman, Shipper/Receiver 204-789-3961
Operating and General Category
All commodities that do not fall within the categories listed above. Office Supplies, ICAs, Secondments, Transportation, Customs, Travel Related Agreements, Conferences, Books, Printing, Paper, Photography, Cleaning Supplies, Electrical/Plumbing Supplies, Furniture, etc.
Jim Tharayil, Sr. Purchasing Consultant/Cat. Lead, SCMP, B.Comm.(Hons) 204-474-9499
Vacant, Purchasing Consultant 204-474-9697
Vacant, Purchasing Consultant 204-474-6113
Supplier Support (Vendor Maintenance, Supplier Enablement)  
Laurie Leclerc, Support Services Coordinator 204-474-9284
Mark Edel, Purchasing Assistant 204-474-6624
Vacant, Purchasing Analyst 204-474-7098


Fax Numbers  
Fort Garry Campus 204-474-7509
Bannatyne Campus 204-789-3504
Bannatyne Shipping 204-789-3946
Additional Resources  
Supplier Payment Services Support (Invoices) Visit this page
EPIC Support and Access 204-480-1001
Aurora Finance Customer Service 204-480-1001