Interim Space Management


As the University continues to move forward in the Space Master Plan, Visionary (re) GENERATION Open International Design Competition and the Space Master Plans, which inherently inform that competition project, it is essential that the Campus Planning Office (CPO) begin to understand and manage all new space requests and any renovations that are altering the configuration and/or function of campus spaces.  Any remarkable changes will need to be tracked and relayed to the consultants working on these projects, as the information may have an impact on recommendations made.  This also allows the CPO to lay the groundwork necessary to begin to effectively manage space on campus on a go forward basis.

All university clients submitting requests for New Space and any proposed renovations that reconfigure and/or change the function of a space, will be required to complete a New Space Request form or a Request for Renovation form, available on both the CPO & Physical Plant website.  These forms will ensure that senior administration is aware of the ongoing space needs of Faculty & Staff, and to promote a more financially accountable, efficient and sustainable use of space.

Once the Space Master Plan reports have been finalized and submitted, new policy will then be developed with the recommendations in mind, to enhance or replace any previous interim processes.