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Jan 7-8 Project Management
  Take your project management skills to the next level. Understand the importance of clear objectives and knowing what steps to take to execute a project successfully.

Jan-Mar Advanced Program in Management,
Leadership & Strategy (Retreat)
  Become a more effective leader in just 10 days. This unique experiential learning program enhances your leadership skills and introduces you to best practices in strategy and management.

Jan 28 Essentials of Social Media Marketing Strategy
  Discover the best tools for marketing in a digitally savvy world and how to implement and manage them effectively.

Jan 29 Negotiation & Consensus Building
  Learn practical strategies to strengthen your negotiating skills, ultimately leading to improved productivity, job satisfaction and greater overall success.

Jan 30

Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting
for the Non-Financial Manager
  Become more confident making financial decisions and increase your leadership effectiveness with a better understanding of the fundamentals of finance and accounting.

Feb 4-5 Leadership Coaching Skills
  Discover how coaching can be applied as a powerful leadership tool to facilitate stronger relationships and create teams that are more engaged, empowered and inspired to forward action.

Feb 6-7 Leadership Presence
  This two-day program is for business professionals who wish to develop an inspirational leadership presence. It will enable you to step confidently onto any stage, and hold the room with an unmistakable presence that distinguishes you as a seasoned speaker and strong leader.

 Feb 13 Writing with Impact: A Course for Business Leaders
  Leadership requires the ability to motivate, inspire, justify and clarify through writing that connects and compels. This course is customized to teach business leaders to write with purpose and impact.

Feb 14 The Power of Branding
  Increase customer loyalty, competitive advantage and profitability by harnessing the power of your brand.

 Feb 20-21 Data Analytics for Managerial Decision-Making
  Learn to use data-driven approaches to promote productivity and growth, as well as to improve organizational decision-making.

Feb 25 Leading through Conflict
  Learn to deal effectively with difficult conversations and increase your ability to resolve workplace conflict.

Mar 17-18 Speaking as a Leader
  Enhance your speaking abilities, and learn to speak like a leader, projecting strength and confidence in every interaction.



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All course materials are included in the course fee. Course materials are provided in class. A reading may be emailed to the participant prior to the class.