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Theatre Night


L to R: Kristen Schmidt, Carey J. Buss, Kayla Whitehurst, Siyang Zhang
in Spanish play "El sueño de la razón produce exámenes" - 2011 Theatre Night

"C'era una volta" - original Italian puppet play written and performed by
L to R: Tony Ferrigno, Victoria Watkins, Holly Proulx, Susan Clubb

"Theatre Night" is an engaging evening of live entertainment performed entirely by U of M students from the Department of French, Spanish and Italian, which takes place each year in March.

Students get to put their language skills to good use while performing funny skits, dramatic scenes, poetry readings, music, and lively dance routines.

If you would like to get involved in Theatre Night (either on stage or behind the scenes), just tell your instructor and he or she will put you in touch with other creative and adventurous individuals. It's great fun and a wonderful way to make friends!

Families and friends are more than welcome to attend the show. Refreshments are also available.

Come celebrate the arrival of Spring with us!

For more information, contact the department at (204) 474-9313.

Angela Chen & Suzanne Carpanini-Sinclair wrote & performed an Italian Skit - 2011 Theatre Night