Sir Gordon Wu Graduate Student Scholarships

Sir Gordon Wu has generously contributed $1,000,000 to establish a fund at the University of Manitoba in support of graduate students. The University of Manitoba has made a contribution of $500,000 to the fund. This funding is designed to attract and sustain excellent students locally, nationally, and internationally.

These scholarships are awarded annually, in competition, to graduate students who have demonstrated intellectual ability and academic accomplishments.

About the Scholarship

The fund will be used to offer renewable scholarships to graduate students who are entering the first year of a research-based Ph.D. program. Funding will be offered in the form of i) a full scholarship or as ii) a top-up to Tri-Council awards, the University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (UMGF), or the Manitoba Government Scholarship (MGS).

Each scholarship will have a maximum value of $40,000. The selection committee will have the discretion to determine the number and value of the awards. The scholarships will be offered until the fund has been exhausted.


Beginning in the 2013-2014 academic year, scholarships will be offered to graduate students who:

  1. are domestic or international students;
  2. are enrolled full-time in the Faculty of Graduate Studies, in the first year of any doctoral program offered at the University of Manitoba;
  3. are entering a research-based graduate studies program;
  4. have achieved a minimum degree grade point average of 3.75 (or equivalent) based on the last 60 credit hours of study.


The scholarship will be renewable for up to three years provided the recipient:

  1. continues to be enrolled full-time in the Faculty of Graduate Studies in their research-based doctoral program at the University of Manitoba;
  2. is entering their second, third, or fourth year of a doctoral program;
  3. maintains a minimum degree grade point average of 3.75.

Doctoral students will not be eligible for a renewal of the scholarship after they have completed their fourth year of their program.

Recipients may hold this scholarship concurrently with any other awards consistent with policies in the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

The selection committee will be named by the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (or designate).