Annette Desmarais


Prior to getting a PhD in Geography, Annette was a small-scale farmer in Saskatchewan. She also worked for a decade with the National Farmers Union to assist them to develop ties with counterparts in countries both in the Global North and Global South. In this capacity, she worked as technical support to the transnational agrarian movement, La Via Campesina. Annette’s academic career began at the University of Regina where she worked for a decade, first in the Justice Studies Department then the International Studies program. She was hired at the University of Manitoba as Canada Research Chair in Human Rights, Social Justice and Food Sovereignty (2013 – 2023), housed in the Department of Sociology and Criminology.

Dr. Desmarais’ key areas of research are agrarian change, food sovereignty, changing land tenure, and rural social movementsShe conducts research on the theory, practice, politics, potential and challenges to food sovereignty to build ecologically sustainable, socially-just, and healthy food systems. This food sovereignty research focuses on the following four objectives: 1/ To explore the place-based specificities of food sovereignty in different locales; 2/ To investigate the role of land tenure dynamics in enhancing and/or hindering the implementation of food sovereignty in Canada and beyond; 3) To analyze the gender dimensions of food sovereignty; and 4) To study the experiences and challenges of youth entering agriculture and engaging in food system.


1998 – 2003 Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Study: Geography

Specialization: Rural Social Movements and Agrarian Change

University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta

Title of Dissertation: The Vía Campesina: Peasants Resisting Globalization

Ph.D. Fields: Globalization of Agriculture; Development and Gender; Building Community and Local Knowledge; Poverty, Environment and Rural Development; and Rural Social Movements.


1992 – 1993 MA Gender and Development

Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, Brighton, England

Title of Thesis: Organizing for Change: Rural Women and Social Movements in Bolivia


1982 – 1986 BA Major in French, Minor in Kinesiology

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C.


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