Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship
The Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Program (QES) is a prestigious scholarship program. This joint initiative of the Rideau Hall Foundation, Community Foundations of Canada and Universities Canada was created through contribution from the Government of Canada, provincial governments, the private sector and individuals. Thirty-four Universities will offer scholarship program opportunities to approximately 2000 graduate and undergraduate students within forty-six different Commonwealth countries worldwide.

The program will develop global citizens, activate a new generation of global leaders, enhance collaborative capacity and relationship building and enable scholars to pursue and amplify community development across the Commonwealth.
Scholars will network with people from their own program as well as have the opportunity to engage with the other 2000 scholars.

For more Information about the QES including information about the various training opportunities and experiences, please check out their webpage at:


University of Manitoba’s Promoting International-University in Global and Indigenous Health

“Promoting International-University Partnership in Global and Indigenous Health” is a really exciting opportunity, funded through the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Program.

This program is designed for students to have the chance to go to another Commonwealth country to spend 3 months or more working as an intern with world-class experts in Global and Indigenous health research. Health is understood very broadly. It includes people interested in basic science, clinical science and social science. As long as you are interested in health, disease and/or wellbeing, you are right for this program.

You have the advantage of selecting your placement with your proposed mentor as either:

1.) Research
2.) Fieldwork

Benefits to Student:

1.) Innovative life-changing opportunity
2.) Enhanced portfolio
3.) Free 6-week online 1.5 credit hour course
4.) Build global capacity
5.) Network through international monthly webinars across 5 continents

The program is divided into 3 streams, and we are currently accepting applications for all streams.

1.) Canadian/Permanent Resident Undergraduate or Professional Students (90 day internship to a commonwealth country)
2.) Canadian/Permanent Resident Graduate Student (90 day internship to a Commonwealth Country)
3.) Commonwealth Graduate Student (90 day internship to Canada or degree-seeking graduate student enrolled at the University of Manitoba)

Please check out the Call for Applications and apply today!

**Open call for Applications with deadline a minimum of 4 months prior to proposed travel. **