Zou Zou Kuzyk

Associate Professor

Centre for Earth Observation Science, Geological Sciences

Postdoctoral Fellow INRS-ETE, Quebec (2011)  
Ph.D.   University of Manitoba (2009)
M.Sc.   Queen’s University  (2000)
B.Sc. (Hons.)  Queen’s University (1997)


GEOL3490 Glacial Geology and Geomorphology
GEOL2390 Environmental Geology
GEOL7760 Graduate Seminar in Geological Sciences 
GEOL4370 Global Change
GEOL4920 Technical Report in Geological Sciences
GEOL4870 Honour’s Thesis in Geological Sciences
GEOL4270 Advanced Topics in Geological Sciences (Modern Marine Sediments)
GEOL7740 Organic Geochemistry: Applications to Recent Coastal Sediments
GEOG7010 Freshwater in Arctic Seas
ENVR4500 Honour’s Thesis in Environment

Research Interests

My research interest is in the biogeochemical cycles of carbon and other elements in northern coastal and continental shelf areas and the role of freshwater in modifying those cycles. Coastal marine areas integrate and respond to both changes on the land (river runoff, coastal erosion) and in the marine environment (sea ice, ocean currents).
One of my group’s focal areas is the biogeochemical effects in the coastal marine environment of a changing hydrologic cycle. The Arctic is experiencing local hydrological changes, related to hydroelectric development and regulation, and additionally global warming has the potential to cause a widespread increase in the intensity of hydrological cycles. My group uses freshwater tracers to study under-ice river plumes in Hudson and James Bays and the interactions of sea ice and river inflow in modifying the formation of winter mixed layers.
A second focal area is terrigenous organic matter and the sources, pathways and sinks in northern rivers and Arctic margin areas. Proxy records derived from bulk properties and biomarkers in sediment cores are being used by my team to study the sources of particulate matter in rivers discharging to Hudson Bay and the transport and deposition of these materials within the Bay. I have been involved in similar studies of terrigenous organic matter along the North American Arctic Ocean margin and also conducted a project on this topic in the Lake Melville estuary area of the Labrador Sea. In order to correctly interpret sedimentary records, my group also conducts studies of sedimentation processes and examines the role of particulate matter in controlling the fate of carbon, nutrients and contaminants in coastal and shelf systems.
The methods employed in my research are largely geochemical, ranging from isotopic and elemental tracers to specific biomarkers. Many of my projects include both community-based and ship-based studies. I am co-lead of the ArcticNet Hudson Bay Integrated Regional Impact Study (IRIS) and I enjoy working with communities to apply science towards improving understanding of coastal environments and addressing community questions and concerns.  


526 Wallace Building
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB
R3T 2N2

(204) 272-1535


Zou Zou Kuzyk