University of Manitoba Arboriculture 

School of Agriculture
Arboriculture Course

Next online course intake will be Fall 2021. 

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The Arboriculture Course is an introduction to the field of Arboriculture. It covers tree biology, soil science, plant classification and identification and safety. Participants learn about pruning techniques, pests, diseases, environmental stresses and other factors that impact urban tree health. The in-class course has 28 hours of instruction. An on-line version of the course is also available.

The course is designed for tree care workers, landscaping professionals and those who are interested in caring for their trees as hobbyists.

Those interested in practicing Arboriculture in Manitoba for compensation must obtain Arborist Certification from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Information about eligibility and the application process for ISA Certification can be found in the ISA Certified Arborist Application Guide. Information about Practicing Arboriculture in Manitoba can be found on the Province of Manitoba’s website.

The ISA Arborists’ Study Guide (2010 edition) is the required textbook for this course. To complete the course requirements and receive a Letter of Accomplishment, students must pass the final examination. This multiple choice examination is scheduled for 2.5 hours. The minimum overall passing grade is 70%.

Individuals planning to become Certified Arborists are encouraged to consider taking this course to assist with their preparation for the ISA examination.

ISA also offers a Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) course. Students who successfully complete the School of Agriculture’s Arboriculture Course are eligible to take the ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification course. Information about eligibility and the application process for TRAQ can be found in the ISA TRAQ Application Guide.

Individuals who choose not to write the examination for the course can receive a Letter of Participation with satisfactory attendance/participation.