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Researchers at RCFFN have a special interest in researching value-added functional foods and nutraceuticals that offer health promotion, performance enhancement, disease prevention and management.  Their research concentrates largely on Western Canada's crops, fruit, vegetables and flora, putting money back into regional economies.  Success stories include research focused on the health benefits of oat and barley beta-glucans on cholesterol levels, and the effects of canola and flax oil on cardiovascular health. 


If you are developing a functional food or nutraceutical product or formulation, RCFFN has the expertise and equipment for research and development prior to commercialization. RCFFN possesses research expertise and equipment directed to:

  • Bio-active identification, functionality, and enhancement;
  • Bio-active extraction and product formulation; and
  • Bio-active and formulated product safety and efficacy

Research and development capabilities are all encompassing and include fully equipped genomic, analytical and proteomic, cell and tissue culture, clinical research trial, formulation development, nutraceutical manufacturing and pilot plant bioprocessing units.  The experience and credibility of scientists in tandem with a fully equipped facility make it possible to define the health claim for each functional food or nutraceutical developed through the Centre with an ‘enhanced function claim’ and/or a ‘disease reduction claim,’ which is critically important for the reputation of your company and ultimately consumer acceptance of your product.

Principal Investigators

A number of researchers oversee their research at RCFFN.  For information pertaining to specific research projects, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students; please refer to researcher’s webpage.

Trust Beta, Ph.D. Cereal Grains & Antioxidants
Usha Thiyam-Holländer, Ph.D. Minor Components of Edible Oil Processing
Harold Aukema, Ph.D. Nutrition and the Kidney
Harry Sapirstein,Ph.D.

Grain Chemistry and Processing

Rotimi Aluko, Ph.D. Protein Chemistry
James D. House, Ph.D. Human Nutrition
Nancy Ames, Ph.D. Cereal Chemistry (Barley, Oats and Wheat)
Sijo Joseph (Thandapilly), Ph.D Cereal Nutrition
Peter Eck, Ph.D. Nutrigenomics
Semone Myrie, Ph.D.

Nutrition & Inherited Metabolic Diseases

Miyoung Suh, Ph.D. Dietary Lipids on Cellular Metabolism and Function

Research Partners

University of Manitoba