Coalition for Healthy Aging in Manitoba
Coalition for Healthy Aging in Manitoba (CHAM) began as a standalone coalition in 2016 to champion the vision outlined in the World Health Organization's (WHO) Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health; a vision that includes: creating age-friendly environments; better aligning health and long term care systems to the needs of older people; and, improving monitoring, measurement and research on healthy aging. The WHO recognizes the wisdom of older people and encourages their voice and active participation in realizing the vision outlined in their Global Strategy.

For a variety reasons, it became apparent that the Coalition needed a home organization for its support and long-term viability. In December 2017, it was decided that CHAM would become an official committee of the Centre on Aging, at the University of Manitoba.


Community and academic partners working together to promote collaboration and synergies that support Healthy Aging in Manitoba.

CHAM Lead Working Group membership

CHAM remains committed to its mandate for engaging key players in Manitoba, in support of the WHO vision. This includes the active participation of older Manitobans and the organizations they work with.

  • Michelle Porter, PhD (Chair)
  • Malcolm Doupe, PhD
  • Jim Hamilton
  • Connie Newman
  • Dave Schellenberg
  • Philip St. John, MD
  • Cornelia van Ineveld, MD

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CHAM activities

From 2016–2019, CHAM held ten workshops in various communities in Manitoba. The purpose of the workshops was to gain perspectives on healthy aging in the province of Manitoba.

Learn more about CHAM's activities and the reports developed in support of healthy aging.

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The University of Manitoba is committed to achieving accessibility for those disabled by barriers. Please contact the Centre by email at or call 204-474-8754 in advance if you require any accessibility accommodations to participate.