Metis University Students' Association

The Metis University Students' Association (MUSA) is an official UMSU student group that represents and supports Metis students at the University of Manitoba.

MUSA encourages Metis and non-Metis students attending the University of Manitoba to come together by promoting, preserving and exploring Metis culture and provides an open forum for discussion on Metis-related issues on a municipal, provincial or national level. MUSA provides information on Metis issues through planning and organizing political, recreational, and cultural events throughout the year.

MUSA works closely with the Indigenous Student Centre, the University of Manitoba Aboriginal Students' Association (UMASA) and the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) to ensure that Metis students are equally represented, have a positive campus experience and achieve their highest potential at the University of Manitoba.

Metis University Students' Association 2018/2019 Executive:

Female Co-President: Kirsten Fleury 
Male Co-President: Brandon Wozniak
Vice President: Antonia Kandiurin
Treasurer: Taylor Tutkaluke
Executive Coordinator: Kaylee Smith




All University of Manitoba students are welcome to join MUSA, you do not need to be a Metis citizen to be a part of MUSA. By emailing you can receive membership forms and receive up-to-date information.

To connect with MUSA on social media:

Facebook: Metis University Students' Association
Twitter: @Umanitoba_MUSA
Instagram: @musaumanitoba