Proof of Registration/RESP’s
Students can require proof of registration for many different reasons throughout the course of their degree studies; various options are listed below.  It is a student's responsibility to learn which document they will require.

Note:  Proof of Registration will only be issued at the request of, or with the authorization of the student.  Proof of Registration will not be issued to students who are on Hold due to outstanding financial obligations, including tuition, parking tickets, library fines and residence fees.

Enrolment Verification  |  Registration History
RESP/Scholarship Trust Funds forms

Enrolment Verification

Upon request, the Registrar’s Office will prepare a Certificate of Enrolment/Status Letter document for students (domestic and international).  The cost for this document is $11.00 per term, per copy (subject to change) and can take 5 business days.

Students may order an enrolment verification online from Aurora (payment by credit card, Interac and Visa Debit only).

This letter can also be requested in person with photo identification, or by fax or mail with a signature on the Certificate of Enrolment/Status Letter request form.

Students may need an Enrolment Verification letter for one of the following reason:

  • Proof of enrolment for ALL RESP companies
  • Proof of enrolment for private healthcare providers (not needed for MB Health)
  • Proof of enrolment for immigration applications
  • Proof of enrolment for insurance through MPI (International Students)
  • Proof of enrolment for scholarships
  • Status letter

Enrolment Verification letters are $11.00 per term, per copy. Students who require multiple terms of information must submit a separate request for each academic term ($11.00 each).  The following student information is included:

  • Name
  • Student Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Current program information
  • Full- or Part-Time status for each term of the applicable academic year
  • Credit hours and course registration for each term of the applicable academic year
  • Total number of passed credit hours in program

This document is prepared on University of Manitoba letterhead and includes a signature and the Registrar's Office stamp.  Included information will be documented as it exists in Aurora on the date that the letter is ordered and will reflect current program and enrolment information for the entire academic year; one page will be provided for each term of study.

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Registration History

If a signature and the Registrar's Office stamp are not required, students may print their own Registration History from Aurora that includes their name and student number.

The Registrar’s Office can also print a student’s Registration History from Aurora, along with a signature and the Registrar’s Office Stamp.  There is no cost for this document and it can be prepared immediately on the request of a student.  Students can request this letter in person with photo identification, or by fax or mail with a signature on the Certificate of Enrolment/Status Letter request form.

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RESP/Scholarship Trust Funds forms

Some RESP/Scholarship Trust Fund companies have their own form that they request be filled out by the Registrar’s Office of a student’s home institution - the Registrar's Office no longer accepts these forms.

Instead, please submit a request for a Certificate of Enrolment/Status Letter to be sent to the company.

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Updated August 7, 2016