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Important note: Forms for the Tax Year 2014 & forward will be provided as a PDF document and will appear in a new window. If you click the document and nothing appears, verify your pop-up blocker settings.  Once pop-ups are allowed, return to the year selection menu and try again.

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General Information

T2202A: Tuition Tax Credit

A T2202A is issued to all students in order for them to claim the Tuition Tax Credit.  This form is released annually, normally towards the end of February and is only available online through Aurora. Please note, that these forms are not required by law to be available by this date and on occasion they may be released at a slightly later date.

Tax tip: The T2202A form only includes eligible tuition fees and education amounts, and is based on the calendar year in which courses were taken and not the year the fees were paid.

T4A: Other Income

A T4A slip reports income from many different sources. As a student, your T4A slip will report the scholarship or bursary income you received while you were enrolled at the University of Manitoba. Generally, you’ll only receive a T4A slip from the payer of these income sources if the total of the payments was more than $500 in the year or if income tax was deducted from the payments.

Tax tip: If you received more than one T4A slip, be sure to report each one separately on your return.

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How to access your tax form

Step 1: Log in to Aurora.

Step 2: Select Enrolment & Academic Records, then 'Canadian Tax Forms'.

Step 3: Choose the applicable tax form option:

  • T2202A:
    • You will have the option to print or view the data. You may of course print the view data screen; however it is not the format the government (or your accountant) would expect.
    • If you have viewed the printable version at one point, the next time you enter it will show that you are printing a duplicate copy; this copy is still a valid form.
    • Forms for the Tax Year 2014 & forward will be provided as a PDF document and will appear in a new window. If you click the document and nothing appears, verify your pop-up blocker settings.
  • T4A:
    • If you have received a disbursable award amount, you can update and access your T4A in your Aurora Student Self Serve account. All other T4A's can be accessed through Employee Self Serve (ESS).
    • You will need to Validate your SIN and Mailing Address, through aurora.
      • Once logged into Aurora Student, click on the Student Awards and Financial Aid Tab.
      • Follow the link called Validate My SIN and Mailing Address, which opens a new web page.
      • Provide your consent to receive electronic T4A by checking the box.
      • Ensure you update your mailing address under the Personal Information tab, as this is what will appear on your T4A.
    • Your form will automatically open in the format the government expects.
    • Please note, paper T4A will only be mailed to you if you have not provided consent for electronic T4A.

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Need help?

  • For help with your pop-up blocker settings, please contact the IST Help & Solutions Centre.
  • Due to network security/firewall settings being used in workplaces, users may only be able to access these forms from their home or personal computers.

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Questions about your tax form? 

  • For students in degree programs: Registrar's Office at 204-474-9420 or 1-877-474-9420
  • For students taking non-degree courses through Extended Education: Student Services at 204-474-9921 or 1-888-216-7011.

Check the Canada Revenue Agency website for detailed information on eligible amounts and claim procedures.

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Updated May 8, 2018