Applying to Graduate


Students may graduate from the University of Manitoba in Spring, Fall, and February of each year (note that Convocation ceremonies are held only in Spring and Fall).

Students are eligible to graduate when they have completed all of the requirements for their  program in accordance with the regulations described in the Academic Calendar and the regulations available from the general offices of their faculties, colleges and schools.

It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that they meet the graduation requirements of the program in which they are enrolled. Consultation with academic advisors is suggested.

Applying to Graduate

Every candidate for a degree, diploma or certificate must make a formal application at the beginning of the session in which they expect to complete graduation requirements, before the last date of the registration revision period.

Undergraduate (Bachelor or Diploma programs) and Certificate program students need to declare their intent to graduate.  This can be done on-line through Aurora.  (Log into Aurora, select “Enrolment and Academic Records”, select “Declarations”, and follow the instructions.  If the date you wish to graduate does not appear, you will need to contact an advisor in your Faculty as soon as possible; you may have missed the online application deadline).

Graduate (Master and PhD programs) students are not able to declare their intent to graduate through Aurora.  The Faculty of Graduate Studies will determine when students have completed their requirements and will process their graduation information accordingly.

The deadline date for declaring your intention is the end of the revision period in the term in which you expect to complete your courses.  For example:

  • for Spring graduation, declare by mid January
  • for Fall graduation, declare by late July/early August
  • for February graduation, declare by mid September

See ‘Important Dates’ for the specific deadlines for declaring graduation.

Changing a Graduation date

If you need to change your graduation date after you have made your declaration, you must contact the general office of your Faculty/School/Division as soon as possible.  If you inadvertently changed your graduation date in Aurora, contact your Faculty immediately.

Deadlines for final marks for courses taken on a Letter of Permission

Students who have taken a course(s) at another university for credit toward their degrees are responsible for ensuring that the Registrar’s Office has received the official transcript(s) from the host university no later than April 30 for Spring graduation, September 30 for Fall graduation, and January 30 for February graduation.

Updated June 20, 2018.

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