Winter Term important dates

The official exam schedule is released at the end of January. 

  • Last day of classes (Winter Term)

  • - Exam period (Winter Term)

Summer Term important dates

The Summer Term class schedule includes Final Exam dates. Students may not register for courses where exams are scheduled for the same day and time. Accommodations may not be made for students who register for courses which result in Exam Conflicts

  • Last Day of Classes (Summer term)

  • - Distance and online Winter/Summer spanned courses

  • - Distance and online Summer Term courses

  • - May Day Exams

  • - May-June Day Exams

  • - May-June Expanded Exams

  • - May-June Evening Exams

  • - May-August Evening Exams (6 Credit Hour courses)

  • - May-August Evening Exams (3 Credit Hour courses)

  • - June Day Exams

  • - June-August Evening Exams

  • - July Day Exams

  • - July-August Day Exams

  • - July-August Expanded Exams

  • - August Day Exams

Fall Term important dates

The official exam schedule is released in mid-October.

  • Last day of classes (Fall Term)

  • - Exam period (Fall Term)

Things to know before taking an exam

Distance and online courses

Proctored and in-person final paper exams are scheduled for many online courses. If you need to write an exam off campus, you must complete the exam location declaration tool located within the exam location management widget of your UMLearn  course.  Your exam location must be declared for each online course.

The exam location declaration tool will be available within your UMLearn course from the start of the term until the application deadline.  Late declarations will not be accepted.

The date of your off-campus exam may differ from the date listed in Aurora.  All off-campus exam dates, once declared and scheduled, will be listed in your exam location management widget within your UM Learn course.

If you have any questions about writing an exam off campus, please contact

Student supports

Final exam policies and procedures

Contact the Registrar's Office

400 UMSU University Centre
University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2

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