Attendance Policy
Regular attendance in all courses is a university policy. Persistent non-attendance and other unacceptable behaviour can lead to debarment (see University of Manitoba Academic Regulations).

CoRS regulation states that students are required to attend all classes and are responsible for material covered in class. If the student must be absent from class, s/he must notify the course coordinator beforehand. There is voice mail and e-mail for each faculty member and at the General Office. Students absent from class due to illness may be required to present a certificate* from a physician.

Guidelines for Use of Certificate of Illness

 Although normally a medical certificate will not be requested for absence due to sickness, the College of Rehabilitation Sciences, can, at its discretion, request a Certificate of Illness because of absence from class due to illness. If a medical certificate is requested, it be downloaded here or can be obtained from the College of Rehabilitation Sciences receptionist.

Documentation must include location and telephone number of a certifying physician.

The Department Head can also request that the Certificate of Illness be completed. Documentation must include location and telephone number of certifying physician. Fieldwork/Clinical Education Policies will take precedence over this guideline when for students are in fieldwork/clinical education courses.