Use of electronic devices in the classroom

Cell phone use in the classroom 

Use of cell phones and the cellular communications capabilities of other electronic devices in the classroom is not permitted for any reason (i.e. making telephone calls or texting). please turn cell phones off or switch to silent mode and disable the cellular functions of other devices when participating in college of rehabilitation sciences classroom activities. 

Use of laptop and tablet computers in the classroom 

CoRS supports the use of technology to enhance learning. This is evidenced by investments made in the updating of classroom technology and provision of wireless internet access throughout the Bannatyne campus. The popularity and ease of access to laptop computers, tablets and similar electronic devices has resulted in a desire by many instructors and students to use this tool to support the educational experience.  

CoRS supports the use of these electronic devices in the classroom as a means to enhance the effectiveness of the teaching and learning environment, and to meet evolving preferences for access to course materials. access to any of the electronic devices listed above is not mandatory in CoRS, however, some classes may involve activities where the instructor encourages the use of electronic devices as an option for undertaking coursework (e.g., searching the internet for information, generating a small group report, etc.). Students may wish to utilize electronic devices to access course notes made available on the university’s online-learning platform, UM Learn. this option provides an environmentally sensitive solution to printing paper copies of those notes, and can result in substantial cost saving for the student. 

CoRS encourages students to take advantage of the benefits of these devices in an appropriate and professional manner. Students should use discernment and professional judgment in determining appropriate use of laptop computers during other college-related activities outside of classroom instruction. Instructors may use their discretion and indicate to students when behaviours related to laptop use are not appropriate and should cease. We thank you in advance for using your laptop in a respectful and appropriate manner.  

It is recognized that student accessibility services sometimes recommends the use of a laptop computer for students for accommodation of special needs. Students are encouraged to discuss these recommendations with instructors prior to commencing class.  

Use of electronic devices during examinations 

As a reminder to students, the following policy is in effect during all examinations in CoRS: 

“Students are not permitted to bring in any unauthorized materials to an examination. This includes, but is not limited to, calculators, books, notes, or any electronic device capable of wireless communication and/or storing information (e.g. translator, cell phone, pager, PDA, MP3 units, etc.). However, students may bring in such material or devices when permission has been given by the instructor and/or the department or faculty.”