A scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic achievement. To be eligible a student must complete with high, often highest, standing, a full normal year's work and must elect a full year's work in the year in which the scholarship is tenable.

A bursary is awarded on the basis of good academic standing and a consideration of financial need. To be eligible for any bursary administered by the University of Manitoba, a student must complete at least 80% of a full normal year's work and must carry to completion at least 80% of a full year's work in the academic year in which the bursary is tenable.

A prize is given according to the terms of each award and may be of high achievement in a single course, in a group of courses, in a year's work, or in a cumulative study program. Terms of award often include the requirements of a grade point average at or above the given minimum, high standing in cognate courses, and other specific considerations.

Dean's Honour List - (for undergrads only) Highest sessional GPA of 3.7 or over, full-time, no transfers. Transfer credit will be considered.

CoRS Gold Medal and Program Medals - (for undergrads only) Cumulative (all 3 years) GPA of 4.0 or over 100% of the full load of credit hours, full-time. Transfer credits will be considered.

Other Information

Questions regarding bursaries or scholarships should be directed to the College of Rehabilitation Sciences Awards Support at (204) 272-3159 or