Each undergraduate degree program offered by the Faculty of Engineering can be supplemented by courses taken towards a minor or courses taken towards a specizalization. Find out more about the requirements of each minor and specialization by exploring the links below.


The following minors are available to all undergraduate Engineering students. Please consult with your Departmental student advisor to discuss how a minor can fit in with your desired Engineering degree program.

For descriptions of the requirements for each minor, visit the Faculty of Engineering section of the University of Manitoba Calendar > Undergraduate Studies > Faculty of Engineering > Academic Regulations Section 3.9


Each Department offers courses grouped into areas of specialization that allow students to gain a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of a certain subject area within their programs. "Option" is used to denote a grouping of courses that is approved by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board as a recognized degree specialization. Other terms such as "specialization", "stream", and "focus area" denote groupings of courses that are recognized by the University of Manitoba as specialized additions to the degree programs.


  • Agricultural Specialization
  • Biomedical Specialization
  • Bioprocessing Specialization
  • Environmental Specialization
  • Sustainable Building Systems Specialization
  • Agribusiness Minor

Civil - OPTION

  • Environmental Option

Computer - FOCUS AREAS

  • Embedded Systems
  • Communication Networks
  • Machine Vision

Electrical - FOCUS AREAS

  • Power and Energy Systems
  • Wireless Communication Devices
  • Biomedical
  • Engineering Physics

Mechanical - OPTIONS & STREAMS

  • Aerospace Option
  • Aeorospace Stream
  • Materials Stream
  • Solid Mechanics Stream
  • Thermofluids Stream




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