Graduate Student Work
We are proud to highlight the independent and original research our graduate students undertake guided by their supervisory committees. They engage in contemporary urban planning issues, apply theoretical frameworks to local contexts, cast a critical gaze on policies, programs and plans, and explore opportunities for new urban design strategies. Theoretical clarity, clear research questions, solid reviews of the literature, empirical work and creative analysis are hallmarks of their exploratory work. Ultimately, our graduate students contribute new knowledge to the planning field, give back to the communities with whom they engage, and help to push the boundaries of planning practice and theorizing. 



City Planning major degree projects include both thesis and practicums.

Recent Major Degree Projects

Blackie, Erika MCP
The Role of Municipal Development Plans in the Promotion of 'Nature-First Urban Green Spaces'

Cseke, Adam MCP
Municipal Planning and Market Interventions: Community Amenity Contributions in British Columbia

Gilmore, Ryan J. MCP
Industrial Land Intensification: What Is It and How Can It Be Measured?

Hayer, Rakvinder MCP
Collaborative Planning with New Immigrants

Lennon, Mike MCP
Walking the Talk! Re-invigorating Accessible Health Food Retail as an Anchor of Urban Livelihood: A Shopping List for Planners

McRae, Kelly MCP
Housing Strategies for Growth in Neepawa, Manitoba: A Planning Perspective on Preparing for New Immigrants

Penelton, Kayla MCP
Planning to Partner with Nature: Regenerative Development and Design in North America

Rempel, Lea MCP
Caring for Those Who Once Cared for Us: Dementia-Friendly Planning for a Winnipeg, Manitoba Winter

Segal, Ryan Alexander MCP
Playfinding: Child-Friendly Wayfinding as a Tool for Children's Independent Mobility in the Exchange District of Winnipeg, Manitoba

Scarola, Vanessa MCP
Reaching the Unreachable: Social Planning in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and Winnipeg's North End, Canada 

Wang, Keke  MCP
Retrofitting Green Infrastructure for Urban Stormwater Management: A Proposal and Recommendations for the Xiamen Urban Context


The Case-in-Points archived here are the products of collaborative case study research, by each student and a professional practitioner, conducted within the context of the capstone Professional Planning Practice course. Especially notable Cases-in-Point are recognized through a Manitoba Professional Planners Institute (MPPI) Awards Program. The projects are often presented at the annual “Taking the Pulse of Practice” event co-sponsored by MPPI. 

Recent Case-in-point Projects:

Copping Image
Grand Award
Copping, Rebecca (in collaboration with Veronica Hicks, MCP, MCIP, Senior Project Manager, MMM Group): Urban Renewal Planning in Winnipeg: Looking at the role of planners and stakeholders in the SHED

Special Commendation
Intertas, Mark (in collaboration with Tom Janzen, MSc. Planning, CentreVenture): A Story in Placemaking: Creating a multi-cultural space through engagement and design in Winnipeg's Central Park

Honorable Mention
Blackie, Erica (in collaboration with Jason Granger, MCP and Tricia Wasney, M. Land Arch, Winnipeg Arts Council): Learning from withArt: the role of art and art making in collaborative planning)