General Information
This Ph.D. in Design and Planning is a Faculty-based program under the general supervision of the Faculty of Architecture Doctoral Studies Committee. Applicants must demonstrate that they have an established record in professional practice and/or professional education, and have demonstrated interdisciplinary experience and/or knowledge. It is recommended that applicants have a minimum of five years of professional practice experience and/or have taught at a recognized institution for a minimum of five years.

Applicants must demonstrate an ability for independent investigation, original research or creative scholarship. This is expected to be presented in a thesis with a degree of literary skill and by an oral examination wherein the candidate exhibits mastery of their field. The Ph.D. is a research degree and is not conferred by the University of Manitoba solely as a result of coursework study.

The Ph.D. in Design and Planning in the Faculty of Architecture has many focused areas of  research.  To determine if your research interests are aligned with one of our many advisors review their profiles here.