General Psychiatry (HSC)

The General Psychiatry Program based at the Health Sciences Centre is a multidisciplinary clinical program comprised of inpatient and outpatient sections. The program specializes in the comprehensive assessment and treatment of individuals with complex psychiatric disorders, in particular related to diagnostic evaluation. Additionally, the program provides secondary and tertiary psychiatric care to individuals with established major mental illness, including schizophrenia, mood and anxiety disorders, etc.

The inpatient component is located at the PsycHealth Centre, ward PY-2. There are three inpatient teams which utilize 20 – 30 beds on PY2. The outpatient section is located on the same level at PsycHealth, in the PZ-2 area. A variety of consultations and follow-up clinics are operated. Access to the clinical services of the General Psychiatry Program requires a physician referral.

In addition to clinical service, education is an important mandate of the General Psychiatry Program. The program provides the core psychiatric training experience for residents and medical students, as well as for other health related disciplines.

Usually there are three to four residents assigned to six month rotations on the inpatient and outpatient sections, as well as five medical students at a time, doing six week rotations in Psychiatry.


Medical Director
Dr. Sarah Warden

Staff Psychiatrists

Dr. Eunice Gill
Dr. Ken Zimmer