Ph.D. Program

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Research Projects of Graduated and Current Ph.D. Students

Hai Luo
During her doctoral studies, Hai has extensively explored social and health aspects of aging such as income, social capital, mental health, alternative medical treatment, spirituality, etc. Another essential area of her research interest is cross-cultural studies, in particular, aging in a cross-cultural context, and topics focused on global aging phenomena.

Nora Cristall
Nora’s research delves into the impact of neighbourhood deprivation on health related quality of life in a population with advanced arthritis. More specifically, she is looking into the impact of material and social deprivation at the neighbourhood level, considering the individual attributes of advancing age, high body weight, reduced functioning and co existing health conditions on the physical and mental health related life quality assessed by individuals awaiting lower extremity joint replacement. This research combines data from a hip and knee joint registry and an index developed from census tract data.