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For Master of Music

Important Dates

December 1, 2019 - Application deadline for September 2020 entry - Application closed
January 22-24, 2020 - Auditions dates for September 2020 entry.

June 15, 2020 - Application deadline for  January 2021 entry - Application closed
Please note: For auditions, we are only accepting video recordings at this time.

Although it is possible to begin a Master of Music degree during the Winter Term, it is recommended that applicants begin their program in the Fall Term (September) of each academic year.

To be considered for Desautels Faculty of Music scholarships, applicants must meet the application deadline and audition during the advertised audition dates.


Applicants must possess a Bachelor of Music degree or a Conservatory Diploma taken in residence, and are required to apply and audition. Once admitted, all students write a diagnostic exam to evaluate their knowledge of theoretical aspects of tonal and post-tonal music.

Application Requirements

  • Online application
  • Curriculum vita that outlines details of performance experience and repertoire
  • A letter describing your particular interests/goals in your field, and what you wish to gain from study at the Faculty of Music
  • Two reference letters
  • Official Transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended. 

Please note, that admission may not be possible for all qualified applicants. Admission is dependent on:

  • the number of spaces available
  • the area of major practical study
  • instructor availability
  • performance & sight-reading ability as demonstrated at the audition
  • letters of reference
  • interview
  • other information provided with the application - personal essay, previous academics, etc.

Audition Requirements

  • All applicants are required to audition with a program of works representing a variety of historical periods, and exhibiting a variety of contrasting styles. 
  • The audition will involve an interview and may also involve sight-reading and/or sight-singing. 

Audition materials for specific area of study:

    Master of Music - Composition 

      • Present a portfolio of works, including a recording, demonstrating your ability to work in a variety of music genres  

    Master of Music - Conducting

      • A preliminary high-quality recording of your rehearsal and performance conducting (facing the camera).
      • A list of repertoire conducted in both performance and rehearsal
      • An analysis of a piece of music from a theoretical/conducting standpoint. Applicants should consult with the conducting faculty regarding the specific piece to be analyzed.

    Master of Music - Collaborative Piano (click)

    Master of Music - Instrumental

      • A program of works representing a variety of historical periods and contrasting styles; 20-30 minutes in total.

    Master of Music - Jazz Studies  (click) 

     Master of Music - Piano

      • A minimum of two contrasting movements of a classical sonata, one of which is in sonata form; a romantic work; a minimum of two other works chosen from baroque, impressionist and/or 20th century or contemporary works.
      • The audition program should be approved by the Area Coordinator in advance.

    Master of Music - Strings  (click)

    Master of Music - Voice

      • Two arias (one opera, one oratorio)
      • Three art songs in contrasting languages and styles, with at least one in English
      • 20-30 minutes in total.

Auditions Fees

Jazz Auditions:  Students auditioning in person on a jazz instrument or jazz voice pay $25 accompanying fee to cover the expenses for a rhythm section, which is provided by the Faculty of Music. This accompanying fee must be paid before the audition.

Collaborative Piano Auditions:  Students auditioning in person for collaborative piano pay $50 to cover the expenses for the provision of supporting collaborative artists. This accompanying fee must be paid before the audition.

Vocal and instrumental pieces must be accompanied and you are required to provide your own accompanist.

Theory Requirements

All Masters students are expected to possess a certain breadth and depth of knowledge of music theory.  To assure this, all incoming M.Mus. students will write a diagnostic exam to evaluate their knowledge of theoretical aspects of tonal and post-tonal music. This exam takes place during the week prior to class commencement in Fall.  Details of suitable review materials are available here.






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