Tennis Club
Leisure Club/Competitive Club

Winter 2019

Location: James Daly Fieldhouse, Max Bell Centre, U of M Fort Garry Campus





January 3 - April 29









$55 Student
$150 Saff/Alumni

*Schedule subject to change, check web schedule regularly.


The Tennis Club schedule can be found HERE. Please check the web schedule regularly as times and location are subject to change.

About Us

The purpose of the Tennis Club is to provide fitness, fun and friendship to students, staff and the community, and to promote tennis as a lifelong sport.

Play is recreational in nature with members ranging from intermediate to advanced and everything in between. The Club holds a number of social activities and tournaments throughout the year for its members.

Tennis balls and nets are provided, but please bring your own racket or rent one at the front desk of Max Bell Centre.


Due to the limited space and availibility of courts on campus, the Tennis Club has a capacity of 30 members for each semester.

At the beginning of each semester, the Club uses the National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) to check that a tennis player meets an eligibility requirement.

This system is used to create a safe environment and help players to find partners who have the relative same level of tennis playing. You can click HERE to retrieve the NTPR Rating Guide.

Since the limitation of courts and availabilities, we do not provide coaching programs to our members. So the basic tennis skills of Ground Strokes (forehand & backhand), Return of Serve, Net Play and Serve are required for everyone who is interested in joining the Club.

The players who meet the NTRP 3.5 level of tennis will join the main Roster A, and the players who do not meet the NTRP 3.5 level will join the Roster B. Roster A and Roster B will play on different time/courts. However, all members including both rosters will have equal access to any social events and tournaments.

Membership with the Tennis Club is open to students, staff and alumni only. It is the U of M Rec Clubs policy for each club to obtain at least 65% U of M student membership in order to promote strong student particpation and leadership within the Club.


Becoming a member of the Tennis Club has many benefits:

  • Make over 15 new friends
  • Stay in shape during the winter months
  • Maintain and improve tennis skills in the offseason
  • Partcipate in fun events throughout the year

How to Join the Club?

We are holding a Tennis Skills Assessment during the first 2 weeks of each semester. Anyone who are interested in joining the Club is required to come in for a free visit, and we will assess your tennis skills level in order to have the right placement for you.

Please contact Club President, Iverson Guan, at and make an appointment for your free visit.

We are looking forward to having you!


Meet the Executive!

Club President

Drake Nynych

Club President

Faculty of Arts, 3rd year

I chose to be in this Rec Club because [for the] love of the sport, great exercise, great competition.

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