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A engaged group of people participating in a group fitness class.

Group fitness

Unlimited classes are included with your Recreation Services membership.

  • An instructor leads participants in a group fitness class.
  • Join the fun!

    Group fitness classes are offered all year long and vary in content and intensity including low to high; muscle to cardio; interval to continuous; flexibility to strength; and combinations of each.

    All of our group fitness instructors are accredited through the Manitoba Fitness Council and other national/international organizations ensuring that you are getting quality instruction that is safe, effective and enjoyable.  

Casual rec use

Come in and use the Recreation Services facilities whenever it is convenient for you. We currently offer over 800 hours per week of convenient gym, pool, ice-rink, court sport and studio times for drop-in recreation.  

  • A group of people playing a casual game of basketball.
  • Drop in during casual rec use times and try:

    court sports including

Women, non-binary and trans only recreation times

We are pleased to offer women's only time in our pool and women, non-binary and trans only time in our circuit training studio. These times will be clearly displayed in our weekly schedules when available. 

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